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It is commonly said that a business that doesn’t exist online basically does not exist at all. Today, the internet has become a bottomless world where millions of people set up their businesses and advertise their products or services online. Most of them even go to the extent of focusing only on their promotions, thinking that offline marketing is already useless in this age of digital technology.However, allotting time and money for offline promotions is still a smart move for small businesses as there is still a big potential client group out there who just happens to be not online people. To reach these offline groups and turn them into clients, you need to know how to promote your market to them.Here are the top ways on how to promote business: online vs offline style.Online Promotion #1 – Apply SEO on your website content.
Optimize your keywords so that people find your website first when they search for keywords related to your product or service. You can tweak your SEO settings yourself, but most online entrepreneurs hire third-party SEO companies in order to leverage their time and focus on more important things a business owner needs to do.

Online Promotion #2 – Engage in affiliate marketing.
Another way to leverage your online promotion efforts is to enrol in an affiliate marketing group where you can partner with websites that will promote your products and services for you. When these websites are able to refer successful buyers and clients to you, they earn a certain percentage as commission in return. This is an efficient way to market your business since other website owners will be more than happy to promote your company in exchange of a cut–provided your business is legitimate and legal, and your product/service is of high quality.Offline Promotion #1 – Print out company documents such as business cards, letterheads, and envelopes–all with your contact information and website address printed on them.
In this way, whenever you meet someone and give them your business card, letter of proposal, or a promo listing, they’re made aware that your business is actually real and it exists online. You can use these documents as you give out sales proposals to brick-and-mortar businesses that you believe could actually use your company’s services.Offline Promotion #2 – Network extensively in meetings and community events.
There is nothing like the power of being physically present in events where a lot of potential clients and business partners interact with each other. Attending these events will give you an opportunity to introduce the “face behind the name” of your company. Being able to talk to a real, live, human being instead of browsing through a website actually works wonders for potential clients and entrepreneurs who actually want to transact business with a live, active, dynamic human being.

There are a lot of other online and offline promotion techniques such as posting your company banners online and in printed newspapers, sending out e-flyers and actual tangible flyers, and the like. However, the tips enumerated above work wonders if you want to drive clientele to your business in as little time and effort as possible. Try out these techniques today.

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Here is the ultimate small business online strategy: Create an eBook of previously tested advertising that has worked for other small businesses. Record these proven results into your eBook. Break your book down to the very last detail. Divide according to budget, types of web sites and types of advertising.Make it very easy for a small business to pick up this guide (or view it online if it is a digital book) and simply scroll through it to find a solution that is right for them. Then, as they test the advertising strategies, they can also send you testimonials for future books.

You can also give ratings to specific types of advertisings. Let’s say that you have an example of how one guy did step 1-10 for e-mail marketing and it produced a specific type of result. Now when others in a similar business try the same tactic, they can send in their results and you can get permission to print them in your updated books. Or you can simply have a star listing that represents how well and ad idea has worked for others. For example, 6 out of 10 people received the same level of success.Be creative and try to come up with some new solutions to the same problems. The internet is changing all the time and so a new book that will help guide small businesses is always a blessing to the newbie internet entrepreneur. If there is a lot of competition, then you know it sells and with FRESH material and a unique way to position your business, you can capture the market and be well on your way to making millions by helping others make millions by selling online advertising success guides.